Firefly Shop | Epic Cons Chicago - March 2024

Firefly Shop | Epic Cons Chicago - March 2024

My Second Con Adventure: Epic Cons Multi Fandom Convention 2024

March 2024 marked a significant event in my calendar—a return to the bustling convention scene, this time at the Epic Cons Multi Fandom Convention in the heart of Chicago. Stepping into the vibrant atmosphere of the convention center, I was immediately enveloped by a wave of excitement and anticipation. This wasn't just any convention; it was a reunion with fellow fans and an opportunity to dive deep into the world of fandom once again.

Even though this wasn’t my first convention and I had experienced the thrill of conventions before; this convention held a deeper significance. It wasn't just about indulging in my passion for all things Twilight, Teen Wolf, and The Vampire Diaries; it was about reconnecting with the incredible community that had supported me and my small business since my last convention.

As I set up my booth, adorned with merchandise inspired by the beloved franchises featured at Epic Cons, I couldn't help but feel a surge of pride and excitement. Over the past year, I have poured my heart and soul into crafting a collection that I hope will resonate with fellow fans. From Twilight-themed sweatshirts to Teen Wolf-inspired hoodies and joggers, each item was a designed with love as a fangirl—a homage to the shows that had captured my heart.

Interacting with customers and fellow fans at my booth is always my favorite thing. The familiar faces from my previous con and the new ones I had the pleasure of meeting all shared one thing in common: a passion for these epic fandoms. It was heartwarming to connect with individuals who understood the profound impact these shows had on our lives.

Of course, one of the highlights of Epic Cons was the opportunity to meet the stars of Twilight, Teen Wolf, and The Vampire Diaries up close. From autograph signings to photo ops, each encounter was a cherished memory. The warmth and genuine appreciation shown by the actors towards their fans made the experience all the more special.

Amidst the whirlwind of excitement and camaraderie, there was a moment that stood out as particularly special during this convention. As fate would have it, I found myself in a unique position to share my passion directly with some of the actors from the shows that had inspired my merchandise. Through a series of fortunate encounters, I had the opportunity to gift a few of them with items based on their characters. Witnessing their genuine delight and appreciation as they received these personalized tokens was a surreal experience—one that bridged the gap between fan and designer in a way I had never imagined. It was a humble yet gratifying way to express my gratitude for the impact their performances had on my life and the lives of countless fans around the world.

As the convention drew to a close, I found myself filled with gratitude for the unforgettable experiences and cherished memories that Epic Cons had provided. It was more than just a gathering of fans; it was a celebration of shared passions and lifelong friendships.

So, until next time, Epic Cons. Thank you for another truly epic adventure. Until we meet again!

~ Isabelle M.

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